Pathways for the New Aeon  

Ascension 93 is a study group focused on spirituality, metaphysics and esoterism.

It is the public expression of the Endoteric Order for the Global Ascension – an operative Order inspired by the Thelemic Traditions and the modern Schools of Ascension and Spiritual Physics.

The name “Ascension 93” bonds the concept of Ascension – which is the most interesting result of the modern ‘new age-oriented” research - with the Current 93 - the flow of cosmic energy which has been re-activated by Aleister Crowley at the beginning of the last Century.

The group works with the aim to promote an International Network able to represent the cultural, initiatic and spiritual vanguard of the New Aeon.

The "Endoteric" Pathway

The Endoteric Pathway is the ideal reference for studies, practices and researches which has been set up as the operative method within the Ascension 93 Group.

Being inspired by Thelemic principles, it is an open and dynamic pathway based on self-discipline and on the progressive personalization of any intellectual, magical, mystical or, better, holistic research and technique, according with the natural attitude and the Will of each one of us.


Horus Centre
Esoteric Resources

Ordine Endoterico per l'Ascensione Globale (Italian)

Ascensione 93 Blog
Endoteric Order For The Global ascension Blog (English and Italian)

The Free Encyclopedia of Thelema

The List Of Magical Terms and Traditions

An amazing story of the discovery of a time capsule, stored deep inside of canyon wall for over a millenium

Sons of the Law of One
Welcome wanderers, lightworkers, seekers on the path, all awakening beings!

Political impications of the extra-terrestrial presence

Galactic Diplomacy
Development of  "citizen diplomacy" with extraterrestrial civilizations

Michael Wolf on UFO Cover Up
The Revelation Of Dr Michael Wolf on UFO Cover Up and ET Reality

The Secret Government
Origin, Identity and Purpose of MJ-12

Urantia Book
Spiritual and philosophical book that discusses God, science, religion, history, philosophy, and destiny

Spiritual School of Ascension
Detailed information on biological ascension and hosting events that support global ascension

Gibbon's Ascension Research
Exploration of the boundaries of the ascension phenomenon

Desteni Universe
Stop enslavement and start to build heaven on hearth!

The Kybalion
This book is a study of basic hermetic teachings. Read the book online.

Keylontic Science
Keylontic Science provides the foundations of knowledge upon which mastery of matter and consciousness can be achieved.

Aleister Crowley Society
Thelemic resources portal

Aleister Crowley Foundation
Association of Thelemites who are united in the Spirit of Thelema for the Great Work of perpetuating the Teachings of Aleister Crowley

The Library of Halexandria
Halexandria is a Synthesis  of new physics, sacred geometry, ancient and modern history, multiple universes & realities...

Sources for Comparative Studies

Thelemic References

Esoteric Physics from the point of view of Islam through the studies of Harun Yahya:

Collection of interesting Videos:

Gnostic Resources:

Collection of Gnostic Articles

Interesting Sites about Matrix-Reality Systems:

Modern Reference for Research (inglese)
Useful list of international researchers and main topics

Other Resources  (inglese)

War in Heaven

Human History upon Earth (SSOA research based summary)

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